Chronicles of Elyria The End

On the official website of the expected worldwide MMORPG Chronicles of Elyria news appeared, according to which the founder of the company Soulbound Studios closes the project and dismisses all employees.

Because that statement isn't available anymore you can watch this video, where it was recorded:

The reason - lack of money for the development, and attempts to find investors failed.

Because of the failure of "Settlers of Elyria" and five long months of limited income from crowdfunding at Soulbound Studios officially ran out of money. Last night I had to do something I had never thought about. I closed the online shop, put the SoE card back in read-only mode and fired all the employees...

The developers of Chronicles of Elyria have launched the Kickstarter campaign since May 2016 and during this time have raised more than $8 million. In addition, the profit brought the guilds, who bought the game land and titles in the game for up to 10,000 dollars. But as the director of the studio says, it wasn't enough. By the way, the appeal does not mention the return of any funds to the players.