EVE Online - Developers in your corporation and other winter news

As part of the EVIL Invasion World Tour 2019 the CCP Games team held a final meeting with the MMORPG EVE Online gaming community and also discussed plans for the near future.

Winter in the universe of New Eden promises to be really hot and intense. The new video clearly demonstrates what exactly the developers have prepared for the players. The second Chapter in the history of the invasion of the Triglavian collective, which will add new activity, is going to begin today. Capsuleers have to choose which side they want to fight for. In addition, the update will add Zirnitra, a Dreadnought-class triglavian ship, appropriate weaponry, skills and a set of implants. Also the journey between the systems will be accompanied by improved visual effects.

The main trading hub of EVE Online is waiting for a serious renovation. It will allow Jita to cope with the constant increase in logistics traffic. As part of the «Rapid Fire» update, developers will review the characteristics of many Minmatar ships and weapons systems. The redesigned wallet interface will be a great tool to control all your financial assets. The updated system of saving of space coordinates will finally bring the long-awaited function of Alliance bookmarkets.

Some changes will affect the structures "Upwell". CCP are going to remove the setting of the day of the week for the defending side, prohibit the construction of medium-sized structures in enemy territories with an administrative index above 4 and change the mooring process in low- sectors where factional wars take place. And of course there will be New Year events with gifts.

Another interesting announcement was the changes in internal policy about the anonymity of developers. At the moment, there are rules prohibiting employees of the company to tell who they really are in the game. But soon it will be canceled and the developers will be able to reveal their real identities.