An epic and ever-changing FFXIV Bans Popular Streamer for dirty and swearing words

Arthars (online alias) is popular and prominent livestreamer of most watched massively multiplayer online role-playing game FFXIV. Recently the web portal has reported that Arthars had been banned for ten days after he had used foul and offensive language during a live stream on Twitch. It is interesting that the gamer said nothing wrong about the game. He discussed optimization of the game using bad words and rough, cursing language during live streaming.

Arthars had been banned for violation of the article 3.3 of the FFXIV Terms of Service which prohibited gamers to use obscene or any language that might be find offensive by reasonable person. The article 3.3 also states that the game is for gamers aged thirteen and older and the gamers agree on appropriate behavior.

How it happened? The point here is that the license agreement allows Square Enix to block player’s access to the game for any reason (or for no reason). Perhaps either somebody from subscribers filed a complaint or the staff members or employees themselves tracked live stream.

At present, the video with the streamer was deleted.