PvP Factions in New World

Amazon Games has released a new video dedicated to the upcoming MMO New World in which game director Scott Lane and community manager Greg Heningen answered some of the community's topical questions. They talked about PVP changes as well as how the project has evolved since the alpha release.

New World pays great attention to PVP, but many alpha contributors asked developers to add more PVE content. So they decided to focus on adding more points of interest to the game, making the gameplay more diverse. As you explore the world, the complexity will increase. There is more loot produced in battles with more dangerous opponents. And if in the alpha the main emphasis was on PVP elements, in the release there is a balance between PVP and PVE.

However, that doesn't mean that the battles against real people remained the same. The team added warring factions to the game, which you can join after reaching level 10. After that you will be able to participate in the open PVP. Here the risk of being killed by some ganker is rewarded with additional experience gained. By the way, there are no penalties for attacking other players. The crime system was in alpha, but they decided to abandon it. As stated by Scott Lane, you can play in New World if you want, completely abandoning PVP. However, he hopes that by participating in PVE activities, players will want to try PVP.

In addition, the war has become more diverse - the developers have added more stages in the battle, more defensive units and siege weapons. Wars take place in the open world with two teams of 50 people, but other players will not be able to enter the ongoing battle. Participation in the wars is necessary in order to become the owner of the territory.

Traditional dungeons, where you teleport with the group, not yet, but the developers are thinking about their introduction. Instead, there are special bosses in the open world who need to assemble the group.

The New World release will take place in May 2020 on PC. Now you can pre-order in Steam for 1299 rubles and get Isabella's amulet, unique title "Expedition One", emotion "Fist Bump" and Guild Kit containing three unique guild coats of arms with axes, muskets and armor. In addition, those who pre-ordered the game will be able to take part in the upcoming phase of closed beta testing, which will be held in April.