PvP in New World MMORPG

Amazon Games has published a new issue of development diaries, in which it described the features of the combat system New World. According to the team, unlike many MMOs, battles in this game are 100% real time, so winning the game depends not only on the equipment, but also on how you move, position yourself and evade attacks.

All types of weapons and equipment in New World have their own development trees, which are pumped as they are used, so you will be able to develop in several directions at once. For example, if you want to be a tank, all you need to do is put on heavy armor and grab a shield. If you want to deal damage from a distance, you can change into something light and arm yourself with an onion or a gun.

When you hold a certain weapon, you gain experience only for it. This experience gives you points for learning skills in wood, giving you different bonuses. For example, you can increase axe damage in close combat or give it the ability to throw at a distance, and with a sword and shield you can focus on damage or protective buffs.

Every player in New World has the right to possess magic spells, but their effectiveness depends on how many skill points you have spent on them. If you pump your intelligence, then your spells will be much stronger than other people.

At the end of the video the developers reminded about the open PVP system, which is available when you join a faction and turn on the flag. Battles in New World encourage personal skills, so the skillful player of level 50 is quite capable to defeat the enemy of level 60. The team also mentioned territorial wars with battles 50 vs 50. You can read more about PVP in this article.

We advise you to watch the video, because it contains a lot of new gameplay shots.