Sphere 3: The reflected world welcomes its heroes!

Sphere 3: The Reflected World opens its doors to everyone! Please note: This game works by subscription.

Here you will meet all the things that have managed to fall in love with you in Sphere 3: fascinating mass PvP, spectacular sieges of castles, complex dungeons, bosses with unique battle tactics, battlefields and arenas, a branched system of Kraft and much more.

However, there are also important differences: there is no gaming store. You only pay for access to the game itself. However, all premium items you can buy only through the game:

  • receive for Free Baronies coins, which are given for participation in game activities, entering the game and collecting collections,
  • to beat the world's bosses out.

In this version of the game you will get a lot more Free Baronies coins than in the free, so long save for the desired items will not have to.

 In Sphere 3: Reflected World you no longer have to chase after those who invest a lot in the game - here all players in absolutely equal conditions. There are no additional paid services in the game.

 The new untouched world gives you a wide range of opportunities for development: all the desired nicknames are still free, the ancient castles are waiting until it is your clan will take them, and the first place in the ranking created as if specially for you!

 Gain access to the game and win the championship in a world where only your gaming skills and persistence are important!