The Elder Scrolls Online - The Greymoon update has received new release dates.

In early April, ZeniMax Online was forced to announce that the "Greymoon" extension, long awaited by many MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online fans, was delayed. However, as expected by the creators, they did not need too much extra time, and therefore the team is ready to announce the new release date DLC.

The first adventurers will be able to travel through the lands of Western Skyrim and the Black Sea until early summer, May 26, when the PC version of Addon will be launched and the accompanying update will be released, as reported by Matt Firor, project manager. The owners of the consoles will have to wait two weeks longer, until June 9.

In addition, the developers are busy solving some performance problems caused by the high load on servers due to the influx of players.