All you need to know about Well Guardian in a Selfless Nature quest in New World

If you reached your final main story quest "a Selfless nature" and need to blight the motherwell, you will encounter it's guardian a boss "Well Guardian", who isn't easy to kill, and almost impossible to do that alone.

First of all you will need Strong Blight Tincture, you can easily buy those on Trading post:

You will need at least 2 of these, but you can buy much more, those will be useful in Genesis dungeon later on. Also don't worry about losing potion's buff when you die, as you don't have to reapply it every time it happens.

Next gather your party, a healer is a must have in this venture, but having a good tank is also important, range damage dealers are better here, but good melee that can avoid his abilities will do fine too. Also keep in mind people who already finished this quest won't be able to help you, as only players with this quest can enter this location "The Motherwell".

When you are finally inside and start killing boss, I would recommend you standing on this rock here, near the entrance:

When boss reaches you there, all you have to do is simply jump down and do more damage and wait for him below:

And when he comes to you there (he will run around, as he can not jump himself), you just climb back up:

Repeat this action until you finish him off.

Last but not least, remember you need to Blight the Motherwell, to do this go the shiny sphere in the middle and use it after you've killed the boss:

Thats it, you finished last main story quest (so far) and can get your level 5 azoth staff!

You can watch everything listed above in this video:

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