New character Mona and event in Genshin Impact

New additional task "Crimson Dawn" in Genshin Impact will be dedicated to a character named Mona. It will appear in the game on October 26 (4:00 MSK), and to perform it you will need a key, which is given as a daily task. To start passing, you need to reach the 38th rank of adventure and complete the quest "Midnight Hero Alibi" of Chapter I "Sage Owl".

At the same time in Genshin Impact starts the event "Amazing products", which will last from October 26 (4:00 MSK) to November 2 (03:59:59 MSK). Players will follow the hints on the Tevat map to find dealer Lee Ben. By giving him the right materials, you will receive a box of miracles containing awards. Lee Ben will appear in different places in Teywat and offer 7 different boxes, each of which can be opened only once a day.

To participate in the event, you will need a 12th rank adventure or higher.

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