Project: Ragnarok - All available information about the new MMO

Yesterday the company NetEase Games announced a new game with the open world, setting which is based on Scandinavian mythology. So far, the working title of the game is Project: Ragnarők. It will be available for PCs and consoles as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

Talking to GamerSky, the developers of Project: Ragnarők said that the game was created so that users could play on any platform, be it a personal computer or a smartphone. For this purpose, the company NetEase created a multinational team that spent two years developing and researching towards cross-platform. In this case, the developers decided to focus on mobile devices, as each year, mobile gambling has an increasingly high position in the global market.

In Project: Ragnarők the player will again become a great hero, called into the world to stop the destruction caused by Ragnarők. Users are promised a great variety of biomes, so on their way the great saviors of the world will explore dangerous deserts, lost caves, ancient forests, fantasy cities and trade with the two dwarves. The player will have to follow in the footsteps of local "faceless" antagonists and discover the true essence of Ragnarek.

In Project: Ragnarők, the developers have tried to combine the setting of the Scandinavian legends of Ragnarök with the traditional elements inherent in the Chinese MMO. The fateful prophecy about the end of the world has come true, and now the heroes will live in a world filled with mythical creatures, dragons and giants.

Unfortunately, so far NetEase Games bought up the details, but now we know that the choice of players will be presented 9 different races, whose representatives will save the world from total destruction.

As part of the announcement was presented two gameplay trailers, one of which showed us a battle with a huge troll. Since the detailed information on the game classes is not available yet, we can only guess what exactly we saw in the video. Apparently, the video showed the class of the conscript and the process of taming the creature. By the way, the monster shown in the trailer, very much like a troll from another game, made in the same setting - God of War.

Also, players will be able to fly. In what form the flight will be presented is still unknown. We can expect a full flight, as well as floating in the style of ArcheAge, or a temporary opportunity to use the wings, as in Revelation or Aion.

The second reel is quite short and shows supposedly gaming graphics in action, showing majestic landscapes and scenes where the characters walk through the thick grass with pleasant detail. It remains to wonder how the game will look like on mobile devices, but what you see in the announcement videos is impressive.

Scandinavian mythology has been gaining popularity recently and we've already been shown the new Assassins Creed Valhalla, previously God of War was released, and on G-STAR 2019 a number of projects with a similar setting-up were announced. We are looking forward to more details about Project: Ragnarők, and hope that they will appear soon.