Vlad - new hero in Raid: Shadow Legends

And here is the official info about the merger. Vlad Nightborn is a new undead hero, attack hero, and a Void. The merge and through particles, and skills seem not to be like the last merge.

The start of the merge is October 28th, through particles.

A1 - Blade of Vengeance

Attack on Enemy. Reduces max target health by 30% of damage dealt. Heals at 30% damage dealt.

A2 - Bloodless

Attack all enemies. With 75% probability imposes [Parasite] penalty for 2 turns.

With 75% probability steals 50% of current turn scale of heroes from Banneret faction, Holy Order and High Elves. With 75% probability it cuts 50% of all other factions' turn scales.

KD - 4

A3 - Shroud of Mind

Attacks the enemy unit twice. First strike with 75% probability imposes a [Defense Penalty] of 60% for 2 turns. Second strike with 75% probability imposes [Active skill block] for 2 turns.

If you managed to impose both penalties, imposes [Dense Shroud] on yourself for 2 turns.

KD - 4

A4 - Evilmongering [Pass.]

Gets [Rebirth] for 2 turns each time it kills an enemy.

Fully heals and fills his Turn Scale by 50% each time he kills an enemy.

Heals and fills his Turn Scale only if [Constantine Warrior of Light] is on the team.

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