Wild Terra 2 Early access on 26.01.2021

Wild Terra 2 Early access will go live on 26.01.2021

What is already done in the game?

  • MMO client and server architecture. Multiplayer interaction, synchronization of actions, group and chat system.
  • Dynamic lighting with support for volumetric beams. Changing day and night, torches and fires.
  • Changing seasons and weather. Calculation of the position of the sun and the moon, the lunar cycle. Clear weather, cloudy weather, fog, rain, snow and storms with thunderstorms. Wind and character movement affect the grass. 
  • Biome System. Special system of placement and rendering of surfaces, large and small objects of vegetation, resources, and any other elements of the environment. Binding autogeneration to areas, altitudes and other parameters.
  • Rivers, seas, lakes, swamps. Advanced water shaders. Wet surfaces in water. Support for realistic flow maps and physical modelling based on elevation and channel shape. 
  • A variety of animals, monsters and bosses. Artificial intelligence. Peaceful, neutral and aggressive behaviors. Riding animals and pets.
  • Combat system with melee and ranged attacks, defense. Combat skills and abilities.
  • Character customization. Choice of gender, hairstyle, skin and hair color.
  • Advanced craft system with quality, use of tools and production buildings. Mining, construction and other skills.
  • Advanced system of fatigue, hunger and satiation with different types of food. Cooking.
  • Territory-taking system with building your own buildings.
  • System of various quests and their lines. Basic training of basic mechanics.
  • Particle system for visualizing fire, swordswings, blood splashes, and wounded animal tracks.
  • Post-processing. HDR support, color correction, point shading calculations based on all objects, glowing bright edges effect, next-generation cinematic anti-aliasing while maintaining maximum image sharpness.

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