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World of Warcraft Classic - in july there gonna be user tournament “Global Flamegor League”

Jul 09

A few months ago, the "T E R R O R" Guild from the server MMORPG WoW...

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Cryptic Studios talked about the monetization system in Magic: Legends.

Jul 02

Developers of multiplayer Action RPG Magic: Legends have published an article...

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SpellForce 3 - Announced addon "Fallen God"

Jun 16

Twelve months after the release of "Soul Harvest", a self-contained strategy...

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Nimbus INFINITY - High-Speed Fur Action Announced

Jun 15

GameTomo indie studio developers announced the new Nimbus INFINITY

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Sumire - Colorful indie game about a mysterious Japanese village

Jun 14

GameTomo Studio has announced a story adventure game Sumire...

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SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated - Multiplayer Trailer

Jun 13

In two weeks, SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydration, a remake...

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Crucible - Amazon gave up two of the three modes to make a chat and a mini-card after all.

Jun 12

On May 20th Relentless and Amazon released Crucible online shooter on PC...

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War Thunder - Regimental BMP-2M and updated missile launch detection system

Jun 11

At the very end of spring, a large content update "Starfighters" was installed...

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Europa Universalis IV - Video diaries for the "Emperor" add-on

Jun 10

On June 9, the "Emperor" add-on for the global strategy Europa Universalis IV...

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Astellia - Heroes have the opportunity to visit "The Damned City of Tully".

Jun 09

The other day a large content update was released for the Russian version of MMO

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Craftopia - A new RPG with open world and extensive Craft features

Jun 08

During the Indie Live Expo 2020 stream, Pocket Pair studio presented a game...

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Star Citizen - Impressive visual effects and landing assistance in new video

Jun 06

Cloud Imperium Games has released a new video showing upcoming content for Star Citizen...

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