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Blade & Soul got new Update: "Steel Uprising"

Apr 30

Blade and Soul, announced the release of another major content update. The patch is called "Steel Uprising" and invites the heroes of the fantasy world to visit the first part of the raid with the same name.

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The Elder Scrolls Online - The Greymoon update has received new release dates.

Apr 29

In early April, ZeniMax Online was forced to announce that the "Greymoon" extension...

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Fractured - an alpha test impression

Apr 20

For almost three years, the employees of Dynamight Studios have been working on the unusual Fractured MMO sandbox.

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Sphere 3: The reflected world welcomes its heroes!

Apr 06

Sphere 3: The Reflected World opens its doors to everyone! Please note: This game works by subscription.

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Fasaria World: Ancients of Moons

Apr 05

Free download of Fasaria World: Ancients of Moons, also via torrent, is not possible, because the game is distributed on a one-time purchase model.

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World map of upcoming mmorpg scars of honor

Apr 04

Check out this amazing world map of upcoming Scars of honor!

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MMORPG Dual Universe is getting ready for beta

Apr 03

Shattered Alliances - the last and the biggest update on the way to beta and further release.

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Review of a new RTS game: War Selection

Apr 02

Learn all the details about new amazing real time strategy.

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Chronicles of Elyria The End

Mar 30

The founder of the company Soulbound Studios closes the project and dismisses all employees.

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Faction system in New World

Mar 30

The factions are powerful organizations associated with the struggle to control Eternum in the New World. Having reached a certain stage in the beginning of your adventure...

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PvP Factions in New World

Mar 29

Amazon Games has released a new video dedicated to the upcoming MMO New World and its PvP Factions.

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PvP in New World MMORPG

Mar 28

Amazon Games has published a new issue of development diaries, in which it described the features of the combat system New World.

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