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Chronicles of Elyria The End

Mar 30

The founder of the company Soulbound Studios closes the project and dismisses all employees.

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Faction system in New World

Mar 30

The factions are powerful organizations associated with the struggle to control Eternum in the New World. Having reached a certain stage in the beginning of your adventure...

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PvP Factions in New World

Mar 29

Amazon Games has released a new video dedicated to the upcoming MMO New World and its PvP Factions.

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PvP in New World MMORPG

Mar 28

Amazon Games has published a new issue of development diaries, in which it described the features of the combat system New World.

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PvE events in New World

Mar 27

The authors of MMO New World shared details about the main PvE events in the open world. They will be tied to "Corrupted"

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The next Fractured alpha test will have guilds and bands...

Mar 26

Dynamight Studios revealed the date of the next stage of MMORPG testing with sandpit elements called Fractured. The Alpha 2 - Test 2 (A2 - T2) phase will start on March 25th at 18:00.

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New weapons & Minotaur for Reing of Guilds

Mar 25

Weekly report "Two D's" here! It's been a tough week, and we have something to tell you and show you.

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FAULT – Developers of Paragon Clone Give Away 10,000 Alpha Keys

Feb 05

Strange Matter Studios determines to bring back MOBA Paragon that has been shut down. Alpha testing is to be performed during this weekend.

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Upcoming games in 2020

Feb 04

It’s time so find out what games will be played in by gamers in January.

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Latest news about MMORPG Ashes of Creation from the past stream

Feb 03

Intrepid Studios conducted a live broadcast, during which it shared some details about the upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation.

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Shadow Arena: numerous changes are expected on the second CBT, two new characters and much more

Feb 02

Representatives of Pearl Abyss told reporters, at their headquarters in South Korea, how the second closed beta test...

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An epic and ever-changing FFXIV Bans Popular Streamer for dirty and swearing words

Feb 01

Arthars (online alias) is popular and prominent livestreamer of most watched massively multiplayer online role-playing game FFXIV.

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