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Mobile MMORPG TERA Classic got a release date in Southeast Asia

Oct 29

PlayPark has revealed the release date of the mobile MMORPG TERA Classic in Sout

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What the new patch for Final Fantasy XIV brings

Apr 13

As planned, another patch 6.1 was released today for Final Fantasy XIV, which br

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How to search items by Attribute (stats) on Trading post (auction) in New World

Dec 31

If you were looking for new gear on Trading Post (Auction House) in New World with specific attributes...

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"Everything we've achieved this year" - MMORPG Profane 2021

Dec 25

INSANE has published a seven-minute retrospective video showing the development...

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The most important changes in the 1.1 "Into The Void" Update of New World

Nov 18

Update will begin for all regions at 5AM PT (1PM UTC) on November 18. Expected d

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Reign of Guilds Update 0.68.857

Nov 16

Change list 0.68.857 from 10/11/2021 Game mechanic...

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Ways to make gold coins with faction tokens & quests in New World

Nov 02

First of all, this is far from the most effective way to make coins in the game,

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Reign of Guilds Update 0.66.785

Nov 01

During this time, we have focused on fixes and the visual part of our game, as well as the balance of previously written mechanics...

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Where can you gather regional herbs & seasonings in New World

Oct 28

If you're in the mood to level up your cooking, or if you've run into a severe need of regional herbs & spices...

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Problems with Gear perks and how to choose ones for you in New world

Oct 26

First of all you should get to know every single skill perk in the game...

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Vlad - new hero in Raid: Shadow Legends

Oct 22

And here is the official info about the merger. Vlad Nightborn is a new undead hero...

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All you need to know about Well Guardian in a Selfless Nature quest in New World

Oct 20

If you reached your final main story quest "a Selfless nature" and need to blight the motherwell...

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