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How to search items by Attribute (stats) on Trading post (auction) in New World

Dec 31

If you were looking for new gear on Trading Post (Auction House) in New World with specific attributes...

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Ways to make gold coins with faction tokens & quests in New World

Nov 02

First of all, this is far from the most effective way to make coins in the game,

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Where can you gather regional herbs & seasonings in New World

Oct 28

If you're in the mood to level up your cooking, or if you've run into a severe need of regional herbs & spices...

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Problems with Gear perks and how to choose ones for you in New world

Oct 26

First of all you should get to know every single skill perk in the game...

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All you need to know about Well Guardian in a Selfless Nature quest in New World

Oct 20

If you reached your final main story quest "a Selfless nature" and need to blight the motherwell...

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What to do if you've got an error Connection Error: Login Blocked in New World

Oct 18

If you encountered an error which states: Lag Detected Connection Error Login Blocked: Suspicious Software or Corrupted Install Detected This is how you fix this.

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Best way to make gold coins in New World [Part 1]

Oct 17

In this series of articles we will tell you all the best ways to quickly (and sometimes not really) earn gold coins in New World.

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If quest Trial of the Cabalist in the New World got bugged

Oct 15

If you are faced with a bug - you cannot complete the Trial of the Cabalist quest...

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Where is the last (north) rare fungi for the main quest "Ixia's orders" in the New World

Oct 13

If you couldn't find the last rare fungi for the main quest "Ixia's orders", here is the answer.

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What is Grit in New World?

Oct 12

Usually when your character gets hit, he staggers a bit, which disrupts or slows...

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Where to find Abraxas the vicious for quest Blessings of the fallen in New World

Oct 10

If you're having trouble finding the final mob for the Blessings of the Fallen quest.

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How to solo elite quest "Keeping the Faith" in New World?

Oct 10

If you have trouble finding a party to complete the difficult, elite, quest Keep the Faith, this is the way...

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